Jolly's Classic Style Garden Clogs (open-back)

Classic Jollys Clogs are the trendsetter among all-weather shoes. The unusual but traditional "wooden shoe" shape and the joyous Easter-egg brilliant colors have been discovered by millions of devoted friends. Whether mowing the grass, washing the family car or working in the garden . . . there's no end to the occasions where wearing your Classic Jollys is "just the ticket."

Inside or out, in rain or sunshine, you're always wearing the right shoes. Classic Jollys are easy-on, easy-off, easy to clean and nearly indestructible. Classic Jollys are the ideal leisure-time shoe for the entire family. your Classic Jollys are true all-weather shoes to protect your feet from moisture and dirt.

The Classic Insole

Classic Jollys are FUN! They'll make your feet happy! The secret is the anatomically shaped removeable foot-cradle, developed according to orthopedic principles and made from natural materials. To renew its freshness, the insole may be washed periodically.

Ladies: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Brown

Mens: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Black, Brown

Women's-$49.95   Insoles - $18.00
Men's-$49.95   Insoles - $18.00
* Add 7.75% for CA addresses.

Return unworn within 30 days for refund except S&H. One exchange for size is OK if returned postpaid. (We'll send replacement postpaid.)